About Us

About Naked Papers

Naked Papers is much more than just a clear rolling paper, Naked Papers is truly a lifestyle. Whether you’re rocking the Naked Papers gear, attending a Naked Papers event, or just enjoying the slow burning transparency of a Naked Papers rolling paper, you are part of an elite circle of people who dictate pace and define style.

Naked Facts:

  • Naked Papers are 95% Transparent.
  • Naked Papers are made from plant cellulose, are 80% Eucalyptus based cellulose , 14% glycerin and 6% water.
  • Cellulose is a common material in plant cell walls and is found in all plant material. Cellulose is actually the major component of paper.
  • Naked Papers are extremely slow buring because of the qualities of Glycerin.
  • Naked Papers are even burning.
  • Naked Papers is the only transparent rolling paper in a true king (7 x 11 cm) for EASY ROLLING.

Roxy and Nikki
The Official Naked Papers Girls

What does it mean to be a Naked Papers girl? Simply put, it means never having to say you're sorry.

Roxy and Nikki have been with Naked Papers ever since its' inception. They were hand picked from hundreds of sexy candidates to be the ultimate brand ambassadors. They embody everything Naked and truly represent the Naked Papers lifestyle at its' very best.

The Naked Papers girls can be found everywhere, from trade shows to nightclubs, product launches/samplings and all other Get Naked events. Wanna become a Naked Paper Girl? Email your picture and reason why you are worthy of the most prestigious title in smoking history to us at info@NakedPapers.com